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USEFP Launches Fulbright Talks 2 and Fulbright Women Podcasts


This quarter saw the launch of the second season of Fulbright Talks, featuring 21 Fulbrighters who discussed various issues important to Pakistan’s socio-economic development. The speakers were selected for their immense contributions in their professional fields.

Some of the topics showcased this season were:

  • Research findings on child sexual abuse in Sheikhupura and Kasur
  • The economic uplift of the former FATA districts and the newly merged districts
  • Fieldwork and research findings on Pakistan’s national water crisis
  • Litigation on behalf of families of the laborers who lost their lives due to silica poisoning while working in stone cutting factories in Punjab
  • An in-depth walk-through of the country’s museum culture
  • Art history
  • Built urban spaces with a focus on gender
  • Genetic testing and tracing ancestry
  • Deep mapping Pakistan using Artificial Intelligence
  • The use of satire and comedy as a form of resistance

The talks feature weekly on USEFP’s Facebook page and Youtube channel every Friday at 8:00 pm PST. This season will wrap up on November 21.

A podcast like no other


July 2021 saw another milestone for USEFP: the release of Fulbright Pakistan’s very first all-woman podcast series featuring 20 dynamic Fulbright Pakistani women.

The series is hosted and produced by Fulbright alumna Safya Usmani. It gives Fulbright women a national platform to celebrate their immense professional achievements and share important, meaningful conversations on gender and identity.

Fulbright Women Podcasts also release weekly – every Wednesday at 6:00 pm PST – across the same social media platforms.

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