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Testing Department Facilitates Upsurge in GRE Requests, Introduces New Tests

Testing design

The Testing department once again saw a busy quarter. Before the 2023 Fulbright Student competition closed on May 11, the team opened extra slots and dates to accommodate more test-takers, responded to Fulbright testing queries in a timely manner, and even provided registration services to any student who did not have a credit card to book the exam. In the second quarter alone, the department conducted GRE exams for 557 Fulbright applicants across three centers.

Here are some other highlights from this quarter:

English tests

The department introduced the Pearson Test of English (PTE) for Pakistani students who want to pursue academic and professional goals in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. This exam is offered as a substitute of the TOEFL iBT and has a more relaxed scoring system. Results of the PTE are available within 24 hours.

The department also provided proctoring services for the Occupational English Test (OET). This exam is developed specifically for healthcare professionals to measure their communication skills for residency purposes in the United States. It is only offered to test-takers who have an undergraduate degree in medicine or nursing or are enrolled in one.

USMLE scheduling

The team opened additional days to accommodate USMLE test-takers to sit for their residency exams within their stipulated eligibility periods.

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