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Star Students Head to Top U.S. Schools with Full Aid

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Anushay Anjum – New York University (NYU)

 As part of the Opportunity Funds (OF) cohort inducted in 2020, Anushay worked with EducationUSA advisers in Islamabad for two years… and all that work paid off when she received a full ride to NYU as a Presidential Honors Scholar. She will be starting college this fall and looks forward to a career in neurosurgery with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence.

“It’ll be my first time away from home which, although daunting, is something I’m excited about. Being a bona fide nerd, I’m very eager to start my classes. As a Presidential Honors Scholar, I’ll also have a great selection of advanced classes to pick from and a lot of exposure to research opportunities and study-abroad exchange programs,” says Anushay. “New York has always been a dream for me and I honestly can’t believe I get to spend the next four years of my life there.”

Speaking of her experience with EducationUSA Pakistan, she is all praise.

“Working with EducationUSA was honestly one of the best things that could have happened to me. I think the overall literacy about the college application process is very smudged in Pakistan. Not many students know where to start. During this process, it’s very important to know that someone has your back and I knew my adviser was there for me. I could ask her anything – no question was too small. It’s truly like having a family member who wants you to succeed and I don’t think you can get that anywhere else.”

Mizhgaan Kakakhel – Hampshire College

Mizhgaan, also an OF student who received full aid, cannot wait to start her undergraduate studies at Hampshire College. According to her, the sense of accountability the OF program instilled made all the difference.

“OF is no ordinary program. Knowing I was answerable to my adviser kept me consistent. The individual attention I received was invaluable and there wasn’t a day when we didn’t have some sort of discussion, formal or informal. With each communication, I realized how much I had yet to learn about the application process,” says Mizhgaan.

Mubadir Zaman – NYU Abu Dhabi

Mubadir was inducted into the Competitive College Cohort (CCC) last year and worked tirelessly with his adviser in Lahore to put his best foot forward. He is thrilled to have secured a full ride to NYU’s Abu Dhabi campus, where he hopes to major in Economics.

“In my quest to attend a prestigious school, EducationUSA played a key role. My advisor helped me narrow down the lists of colleges to find my best fit and we went through infinite revisions of my essay until I truly felt the piece of writing defined me as a person. One thing I particularly liked about my advisor was his ability to keep me motivated even during difficult times,” Mubadir says. “After almost a year of advising, I got into my top school – I would highly recommend everyone who wants to pursue a U.S. education to get in touch with EducationUSA!”

Zahra Batool – University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)

Zahra Batool, another CCC student, is excited to pursue environmental studies at the Ivy League school of her dreams.  She, too, has bagged full financial aid.

“I’m looking forward to having a diverse college experience and making the most of my time at UPenn by availing the numerous opportunities available, ranging from study abroad to on campus societies and research programs,” she says.

She credits EducationUSA’s programming through the year with helping her hone her application.

“The virtual workshops that covered various aspects of the college application process were immensely beneficial. The amount of exposure you can gain through EdUSA while sitting in the comfort of your home is invaluable,” she adds.

Arshi Fawad – Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Arshi is a scientist in the making and plans to study epidemiology at Hobart and William Smith Colleges after receiving 75% financial aid.

“I am excited to expand my perspective beyond what I can currently imagine and interact with people from all kinds of backgrounds,” says Arshi.

She is convinced that being part of the CCC program helped her craft a college application that accurately reflects her voice and personality.

“EducationUSA advisers are resourceful; they have unique insights into the application process. It’s hard to navigate the college process alone… and you don’t have to.”

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