EdUSA Advisers Convene for First In-Person Meeting in Two Years

EducationUSA Pakistan’s first in-person ‘all advisers meeting’ in two years was held in the capital city from May 16-19. Advisers from all three offices assembled at USEFP’s Islamabad office for a productive week of discussions, presentations, and group activities.



Some highlights included a tour of the National Library of Pakistan, also home to a Lincoln Corner, in-depth conversations about programming and strategic goals, intense brainstorming sessions, and plans to resume more in-person sessions in the upcoming year.


The team also celebrated EducationUSA Pakistan’s achievements. Over the last year, EducationUSA Pakistan conducted 250 successful virtual events, with a digital outreach of more than 64,000 students, parents, and counselors. Around 6,100 students were advised virtually.

Regional Educational Advising Coordinator (REAC) visit

 EducationUSA REAC for the Middle East and Central Asia, Karen Bauer, visited Islamabad from May 17-21. During her trip, she was able to participate in the all-advisers meeting, hold one-on-one sessions with the team, and meet with U.S. embassy staff.

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