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Aspiring students benefit from hearing first-hand experiences of those who have already benefited from a U.S. education and therefore our advisers actively engage alumni as a part of their digital outreach. Since July 2020, 36 virtual sessions have been attended by over 450 prospective students.

“While applying to universities, it’s easy to feel lost and struggle to define your priorities. The EdUSA sessions really helped me avoid that. I was able to figure out exactly where I wanted to apply and how to go about it. Listening to the various alumni honestly provided a lot of insight,” shares Muhammad Jahangir, a student from The City School, Rawal Campus.

Mustajab Farrukh, from SuperNova School, agrees.

“To call those EdUSA webinars and speaker sessions helpful is an understatement – not only did they help us students gain an idea of how to approach personal statements and writing supplements, but they also informed us about testing and other requirements. Most important, they gave us the great opportunity of conversing directly with officials and students [who have lived the experience],” says Farrukh.

USEFP was able to draw on highly accomplished speakers and presenters from the U.S. Mission in Pakistan, the Fulbright Alumni Association, and the Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network (PUAN). PUAN is the world’s largest USG exchange alumni network, with over 29,000 members.

Sessions were conducted by Fulbright alumni of Harvard, UPenn, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, Duke, UT Austin, UT Dallas, GWU, SIU, USC, and GU.

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