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Fulbright 2018


In 2017, USEFP selected 170 of the best and brightest Pakistani individuals for the 2018 Fulbright Student (Master’s and Doctoral degree) Program. These grantees were selected through an intense round of shortlisting and interviews, putting their abilities to the ultimate test.

Applications for the Program streamed in from 107 universities across Pakistan, with the nominated grantees coming from 37 different universities. The 2018 Fulbright cohort will be pursuing degrees in engineering, education, health, energy, public policy/administration, business/finance, computer science, economics, sciences, social sciences, fine arts, technology, agriculture, law, humanities, mass communication, and water resources. From these disciplines, the priority fields identified for 2018 include agriculture, energy, water, health, and education.

A testament to USEFP’s commitment to achieving regional and gender balance is the ratio of applications received from under-represented areas and from women. The 2018 cohort is as diverse as Pakistan itself, with representation from Gilgit-Baltistan, FATA, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Baluchistan, as well as Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and other parts of Punjab and Sindh. About 39 percent of the cohort is from remote or economically disadvantaged areas. Of the 2018 Fulbrighters, 46 percent are women, for Master’s as well as for Doctoral degrees.

In addition to Fulbright, USEFP also manages various degree and non-degree programs for students, working professionals, teachers, and mid-career professionals. To view a complete list of scholarship programs offered by USEFP, please click here.


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