Testing Department Sails Through Secret Audits During Fast-Paced Quarter


This quarter, the Islamabad and Lahore test centers passed Prometric’s ‘secret shop audit’ with flying colors by successfully identifying prohibited items (such as pieces of paper) inside the labs. These audits are conducted frequently to check the efficacy of the testing department’s procedures and administrators. Over the years, the USEFP labs have received numerous accolades for their outstanding operations.

Some other highlights this quarter were:

Upsurge in GRE registrations

With the Fulbright deadline pushed up to February this year, the testing department received hundreds of GRE scheduling requests within a short time frame. To accommodate all test takers, additional slots were added. Over January and February, more than 250 students managed to sit for the test.

Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) launched

After the success of the CELPIP exam in Karachi, the exam is now being offered in Islamabad and Lahore as well. This gives Pakistani test takers the flexibility to take the exam at multiple locations. CELPIP is a computer based English language proficiency test designated for permanent residence applications by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). It is also accepted for work and professional designations.

Increased testing days

Following the towering demand for academic and professional exams, USEFP has decided to conduct tests at all three centers for six days a week instead of five. This has expanded the department’s capacity by adding 60 new slots every week.

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