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EdUSA Pakistan Celebrates Black History Month and Women’s History Month

EducationUSA Pakistan has always advocated for diversity and inclusion in the educational sphere, and this year was no exception. To celebrate Black History Month in February and Women’s History Month in March, the team organized carefully curated events that were well received and led to important conversations.

Interactive, engaging discourse

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On February 15, a webinar titled ‘Shaping Tomorrow: HBCUs, Diversity, and the Evolution of Black History’ helped the audience understand the historical and cultural significance of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Panelists included:

  • Rubina Malik, faculty at Morehouse College
  • Cameron Shah, Morehouse College alum
  • Ryanna Miller, HBCU activist
  • Rabbia Khalid, Global UGRAD alum who spent a semester at an HBCU
  • YoungeJae Chung, Lahore consulate staff

Through first-hand information sharing and anecdotes, attendees learned how HBCUs have become dynamic hubs for nurturing and fostering inclusivity.

“The energy at this event was tangible. All the panelists were so passionate about the importance of HBCUs… and their passion was contagious,” said EducationUSA adviser Noorulain Yazdani. “We at EducationUSA hope to see more Pakistani students flourish at HBCUs across the United States.”

Women at the forefront

In March, EducationUSA Pakistan organized several in-person and virtual events to introduce students to a myriad of opportunities available for women studying in the United States. Attendees were able to hear directly from alumni from different institutions in the United States about how their experiences helped them achieve their dreams.

During a webinar, Izabela Karch from Mount Holyoke College highlighted the difference an all-women’s college can make when it comes to providing women from different parts of the world with inclusive, accessible, and non-traditional spaces.

Two weeks later, our team collaborated with the Susan B. Anthony Reading Room at Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, to host an in-person panel discussion. The panel comprised two alumni and EducationUSA advisers. One of the panelists participated in the Global UGRAD exchange program and the other was a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant program alum. They discussed cultural differences and shared tips on how to adapt to new environments. They also introduced participants to different non-degree opportunities available for Pakistani women in the United States and highlighted how these experiences can lead to meaningful careers.


The month’s programming came to an end with a panel discussion titled ‘Celebrate Women, Ramadan, and U.S. Education’ that featured trail-blazing women alumni from top U.S. universities. The discussion covered topics including women’s empowerment, navigating male-dominated fields, and observing Ramadan while studying in America.

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