Team EdUSA Pakistan Shines at Regional Forum in Tashkent



EducationUSA’s South and Central Asia Regional Forum 2023 was held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan at the InterContinental Hotel from October 17 to 20 – and for the Pakistan team, this proved to be an opportunity to make waves. The team formed lasting connections with reps from top U.S. schools (connections that turned into beneficial sessions for Pakistani students later on), networked with EducationUSA members from across the world, participated in a large fair, toured the beautiful city, and presented in five well-received sessions.

Here is more about the sessions:

From Karachi to Kentucky: Success Stories of Pakistani Students in U.S. Universities

Our team took center stage with this session. EdUSA Advising Director Kathy Aziz and EdUSA Senior Advisers Shiza Toor, Mashal Khan, and Aman Bashir highlighted the talent and achievements of Pakistani students in U.S. colleges and universities. They also illustrated useful strategies and innovative programs to reach aspiring students who dream of studying in the United States.

“Interest in U.S. higher education remains high in Pakistan,” said Aziz. “One of our goals is to help U.S. higher education institutions connect with the large number of highly qualified students in Pakistan who could thrive on a U.S. campus.”


Opportunity Funds Program: Reaching Low-Income Students in Turkmenistan, Nepal, and Pakistan

This session explored the transformative power of cohort programs for low-income students. Along with advisers from Nepal and Turkmenistan, Khan showcased practical strategies, success stories, and case studies to address educational inequalities. The session emphasized comprehensive support beyond financial assistance, including mentorship and skill-building workshops.

“It was wonderful to see how other countries are running this program and the profound impact it has on the lives of students,” said Khan.

Digital Horizons: Unraveling Social Media, MOOCs, and Technological Trends Across South and Central Asia

This presentation explored how social media, massive open online courses (MOOCs), mobile apps, and other tech trends are shaping the region. Toor joined Karissa Huntington from American Councils to speak about the future of South and Central Asia’s digital landscape. She underscored Pakistan’s critical role in digital innovation.

Recruiting to Hosting: Leveraging Your Counselor and EducationUSA Networks for Success

EducationUSA’s vast professional network encompasses U.S. higher education institutions and local high school counselor communities. Along with an adviser from India and an Iowa State University rep, Toor demonstrated how to leverage EdUSA connections to recruit prospective students and build alliances with targeted high schools.

Culture-Centric Recruitment: Unleashing Opportunities Beyond Fairs and Information Sessions

This concluding session, led by EdUSA Pakistan adviser Ayesha Siddiqi and advisers from India and Uzbekistan, focused on the potential of culture-centric recruitment strategies. Zoning in on Pakistan, Siddiqi reiterated how cultural nuances can (and do!) shape decision making processes.

“This session was primarily about how important it is to put culture smack in the center of the recruitment process,” said Siddiqi. “The other two advisers and I had a great time demystifying the cultural nuances and eccentricities of our respective countries… after all, these are what make us who we are.”

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