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From Theater to Entrepreneurship, Fulbright Specialists Form Enriching Connections in Pakistan

Over the past few months, U.S. professionals and scholars visited Pakistan under the Fulbright Specialist program for two to six weeks to undertake collaborative projects with their counterparts in educational institutions across the country.  While their projects covered a wide range of subjects, the end goal remained the same: developing enriching linkages between institutions in both nations.

Ms. Hannah Gaff

Hannah Gaff 4

Hannah Elisabeth Gaff is a theater coach and movement director who recently completed a collaboration with the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi to teach students physical storytelling techniques. Gaff, who was in Pakistan for the first time, aimed to strengthen the local theater scene through her intense, immersive experience.

You can read more about her time in Pakistan here and here.

Professor Diane Rubino

Diane PolComs Class Saadia

Diane Rubino, a professor at New York University and a communication professional, worked closely with Dr. Saadia Nauman at Fatima Jinnah Women University. Her Fulbright Specialist grant focused on collaborating with Dr. Nauman to develop a Communicating Science Center (CSC) focused on empowering individuals to serve as change agents by leveraging communication, storytelling, and media relations know-how training. The center prioritizes skills and storytelling capacity related to artificial intelligence, data science, medicine, and climate change. Rubino completed her grant in June.

Professor Dr. Shuhab D. Khan:

Dr Shudab right

Professor Dr. Shuhab D. Khan, a professor at the University of Houston in Texas, used his Fulbright Specialist grant to focus on identifying factors controlling subsidence using satellite data and drones. Dr. Khan worked closely with the Geological Survey of Pakistan, studied data to confirm the presence of valuable minerals, and analyzed seismic activities to indicate potential sites for future earthquakes. This grant aimed to assist Pakistani scientists in developing techniques and building capacity.

Dr. Khan is also the graduate advisor for the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Houston.

Professor Dr. Chris Carr

Dr. Carr, a professor at California Polytechnic State University, recently visited Pakistan to speak at the U.S. – Pakistan Innovation Expo, which aims to celebrate successful Pakistani startups that have benefited from the United States Government Programs Business Expo.

This was not Dr. Carr’s first time in Pakistan. In 2015, he visited the National University of Sciences and Technology to work with students and faculty members on creative ways to build and integrate effective academic entrepreneurship programs and foster an entrepreneurial mindset among the youth. At California Polytechnic, he teaches domestic and international business law, business regulation, public policy, and business ethics.

Dr. Carr shares his experience here.

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