EducationUSA Gifts GRE and TOEFL Books to All Lincoln Corners


This quarter, EducationUSA Pakistan donated the latest GRE and TOEFL preparation books to 19 Lincoln Corners across the country. Students who want to study in the United States can visit the Lincoln Corner closest to them and peruse these books at leisure.

Many higher education institutions in the United States require a GRE score from aspiring graduate students and often use the TOEFL to assess English language proficiency. The GRE is compulsory for the Fulbright scholarship as well and all selected Fulbright candidates must take the TOEFL.

What are Lincoln Corners?

These multi-media resource spaces are located within universities, public libraries, and cultural centers. Visitors are encouraged to learn about the United States, practice their English, and connect with one another. Lincoln Corners are partnerships between the U.S. Embassy and selected institutions in Pakistan.

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