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Anum Nawaz 1

USEFP regrets to announce the passing of Global UGRAD and Fulbright alumnus Anum Nawaz in February 2023. Ms. Nawaz was a writer, psychologist, and artist. She was the founder of Canvas Connection, a platform for exhibiting and selling artwork inspired by abstract expressionism, and the co-founder of My Voices Unheard, an initiative aimed at forming a counter-narrative to the projected one-dimensional image of Pakistan through self-expression. Through her work as a psychologist, Ms. Nawaz helped people improve their self-perception and grow holistically. As a Fulbrighter, she completed her Master’s degree in Social, Cultural, Cognitive, and Developmental Psychology from The New School and was also featured in our Fulbright Women Podcast.

We extend our deepest condolences to her family and friends.


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