Celebrating Over Seven Decades of Excellence

This quarter has been a significant one in terms of monumental anniversaries. August 1st marked 75 years of the Fulbright Program and September 23rd marked 71 years since the founding of USEFP.

Over the decades, the foundation has done outstanding work in promoting cross-cultural understanding, honing the skills of future leaders, and helping thousands of students realize their dreams. The brilliant achievements of our alumni are testament to the positive impact of educational and cultural exchange.

The new head office of USEFP will in the heart of the capital.

The new head office of USEFP will in the heart of the capital.

And to celebrate, we would like to share some exciting news: as a symbol of binational cooperation, USEFP has been allotted one acre of land in Islamabad by the Government of Pakistan to build its first-ever head office. Located in the center of the capital, this office will be accessible to students, Fulbright alumni, prospective applicants, and test-takers.

The exterior design of the office building was unveiled on the Fulbright Program’s 75th anniversary. Since 1950, the Commission has been operating from rented premises. The construction of the building will tentatively commence in November 2021.

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