Alumni Department Releases New USD 50,000 Grants for Universities


The U.S.-Pakistan University Partnerships Grants Program (UPGP), spearheaded by USEFP’s alumni department, has offered new grants of up to USD 50,000 to Pakistani and American universities. The program, running from 2020 to 2022, is being administered by the department as the implementing partner for the U.S. Mission in Pakistan.

Previously, universities that collaborated in the University Partnership initiative received U.S. government grants of about $1 million each to establish three-year bilateral relationships. These included 20 partnerships between American and Pakistani institutions. Partner universities are now eligible to apply for a grant of up to USD 50,000 supporting follow-on projects that focus on passing on the knowledge and expertise learned during the program to Pakistani universities not part of the original program.

Partner universities are encouraged to bring on board a wide variety of Pakistani universities, including those that have a need for the establishment of new departments, are newly chartered, require support in curriculum and faculty development, have a high percentage of women and minorities, or are in far flung areas across the country.

The first set of grants has been released and the recipients include six Pakistani and two American universities. They will be used to develop new partnerships with 26 additional Pakistani universities across all four provinces of Pakistan, and one Afghan university.

The program will continue to receive quarterly applications for new grants through to 2022.

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