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Bringing the GRE mock tests to public sector universities

There’s something about the idea of a test that strikes fear in even the most confident and self-assured among us. Perhaps it is the mental image of an exam room, with atmosphere so tense it can be cut with a knife, or the debilitating pressure of knowing that the future ...
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Winning together: the mantra for USEFP’s team building training

The main motivation behind organizing the teambuilding activity was to reconnect with USEFP’s vision, enhance team collaboration, and celebrate collective successes. The agenda focused on activities that emphasized the importance of working as a team, the significance of the big picture and celebration of diversity. As organizations grow in size, ...
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GRE mock test: Opening doors to U.S. higher education

A lot of the individuals interested in applying for the Fulbright scholarship program, initially balk at the thought of taking the GRE General test. To allay their fears and familiarize the Pakistani public with this seemingly daunting test, USEFP conducts GRE mock tests at various public-sector universities across Pakistan. Each ...
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