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USEFP Launches New Season of Fulbright Women Podcast


This quarter saw the launch of the Fulbright Women Podcast’s third season. Premiering on Facebook and Youtube every Wednesday and Saturday at 8 PM sharp, this cycle will feature 20 inspirational alumni from diverse fields. Each episode will take us on a particular alum’s journey and their reasons for applying to the Fulbright program.

About the host

Haya Iqbal is an Academy and two-time Emmy award winning documentary filmmaker. Through her work, she has covered various social justice issues ranging from gender, disability, and militancy to climate change and water scarcity. She is the co-founder of the Documentary Association of Pakistan (DAP), an initiative to promote the art of documentary films in Pakistan. DAP works closely with filmmakers to build a community and provide them with networking and training opportunities. She is a Fulbright alumna, an Acumen fellow, a Global Media Makers fellow, and a GATHER Artivism fellow.

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